4 weeks!!

Well the boys have been in our lives for just over 4 weeks now. It seems like they have been here forever 😀

So let’s back track a bit and everyone caught up to speed. 

So we went to our 37 week appointment knowing it was our last one because we were having the boys the next week.

Well at our appointment on the ultrasound the boys were measuring about a pound apart so the doctor was wanting to go get them yet that week. So we moved our c-section from February 15th to that Friday February 10th.

So we came home and packed up our things (I know I should have packed long ago but I didn’t 😀), Makayla’s things and what we would need for the boys. We met my parents the next night for supper and to give them Makayla for the next few days. After supper we checked into our hotel and tried to go to sleep so we could be at the hospital by 5:30 the next day.

We got to the hospital all checked in and what seems like no time at all it was almost 7:30 I was prepped and so was Andrew for surgery. We walked back to the OR and we were getting closer to meeting the boys. The next bit of time seems kind of like a blur I was walked into the or given my spinal laid down, prepped, and before I knew it Andrew was at my head and they were getting started.

Baby A (Kolby) was born at 8:04 and baby b (Kayson) was born at 8:05. I got to see both before they were taken to the nicu to be checked out. 

Everyone checked out great and was able to come to recovery with me 😀. We spent most of that day cuddling and getting to know the boys. That afternoon Makayla and my parents came down to visit and Makayla was so excited to meet the boys 😍

We got to come home a few days later and have been working on figuring out our new normal ever since. The boys have been growing and changing every day. Makayla loves them so much which has totally helped our transition. Here are some pictures from the last 4 weeks around here


21 week check-up and other fall happenings

Well we had our 21 week checkup last Monday. And the boys are doing great!! Both boys were weighing in at 15 oz (thank goodness!) 

Since the boys have to share a placenta we checked every 2 weeks for a growth check on the boys to make sure they are sharing. So having them weigh the same is great news!! They also grew a ton! They went from 9 oz at their 18 wk checkup to 15 oz at our 21 wk checkup. Grow boys grow!!!

We have been doing lots of other fun fall activities; visiting the apple orchard (multiple times), jumping in leaves, carving pumpkins! Here are some pictures of our adventures

18 week checkup

Well 2 weeks ago we had our 18 week checkup. This was a big appointment because we got to have another ultrasound to find out the gender of the babies and to see and make sure everyone was growing well.

Well the first big news is that we are having….

Twin boys!! Probably identical but we will wait to see once they arrive 😀.

The other great news is that they both were growing great and we’re currently measuring the same size 👏. That made this momma happy!

The only uncertainty at this point is that the boys are sharing a placenta. So at this point all that means is that we have an ultrasound every month to check and monitor their growth and that they are sharing nicely 😀. 

So stay tuned for more baby updates next week! 

Makayla is pretty excited to be a big sister and keeps asking when she gets to hold her baby brothers. Hopefully that excitement continues!! 

We’re having…


If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you already know the news. But yes you read that right we are having twins!

So back at the end of June I started not feeling well. Like in a constant state of being hungover sick only I hadn’t drank. So Andrew told me to take a test to make myself feel better. Well 4 positive tests (😳) later I finally decided that yes I really was pregnant.

Then started the fun….

I have been sooo sick! I couldn’t decide if I was really sick or it just seemed worse since I now also have a toddler at home. I knew I had to get to 10 weeks when we would go to the doctor and I could get some medicine to help. Well that appointment did not go as planned.

We went (I was sick the whole way there!). The doctor came in, immediately brought us medicine and then we got started. When she got to the ultrasound immediately two babies popped up on the screen and I knew everything was about to change. Now I blame Andrew since from day one he kept saying we’re having twins but ha! If that’s how it really works.

Anyway we are crazy excited and everyone is healthy and doing great. We will try to keep everyone updated on our progress as we continue through this new adventure in life 😀

Weekend Fun

Well summer 2016 has finally arrived and we kicked it off with a bang this weekend! 

Friday night was just Makayla and I while Andrew was racing. Her and I ran to Des Moines to return some things that I had got for her. So we stopped by my cousins house for supper and to let Makayla and her little guy play before coming back home. Those two were hilarious! All sorts of running around and yelling. The best part was when we were leaving and they hugged and kissed goodbye 😍. 

                       So adorable 

Saturday we had a 1st birthday party to attend. So we headed out early so we could play at the park first. It was a giant hit. And of course in true Makayla fashion she went after the tallest slide first. She loved it and just get saying “more” as she ran back around to do it again. 

After naptime we did our target run and went to my staff cookout. I forgot to take pictures (whomp whomp) but it was filled with lots of fun, laughing, and good food. 

It was a great summer weekend now I’m off to have some fun with my girl!!

Holiday Weekend Highlights

Happy Memorial Day everyone!! What a great day to remember all those who gave their all to ensure our freedom.

We have had a great weekend that was both fun, relaxing, and productive. Here’s a recap of all our fun.


Friday night Makayla and I took off for my parents house to spend Friday night and part of Saturday with them. We had a great time hanging out and then going to Junquefest on Saturday morning. Makayla even got her very own 4-wheeler which she loved 😍

This girl has a serious love for her papa. They are two peas in a pod.



Sunday was our productive day of the weekend. My parents came over to our house to watch Makayla while we worked. Andrew had taken one day earlier this week and then Saturday morning to get the deck ready so we could refinish and stain the deck on Sunday. So while my parents were here we restained the deck, ripped out our fence, and did some much needed maintenance around the house. 

Here is Makayla “cheersing” my mom. 

Sunday night we had a bonfire to relax. We had some friends over and began burning the fence 😀


Today was spent together. We played outside, colored, read stories. It was a great family day. To close out the holiday weekend we went to a friends house for a grill out.

It was a great weekend filled with lots of fun and memories. Now off to finish the last week of work before summer officially begins!!


Young love

As Makayla grows up we always hope and pray that she has friends, is nice to those friends, and she enjoyed and loved her time at daycare.

After our first couple play dates with daycare friends I think those things are all true. She absolutely adores her daycare friends and it is amazing to see her love of them grow! 

She loves all her friends but one little boy has stolen her heart already; George or “gee” as Makayla calls him. These two look out for each other, hug each other, share food, and genuinely love on each other. When we left their house the other night this is the picture I got; can you feel their love ❤️. 

I hope these two (along with the other daycare friends!) always look for and love each other the way they do now! We are so lucky and blessed to have gotten to be involved with these other great families. We love out Cathy but we also love our other daycare families!