I decided to put everything in one place so people could keep up with our lives!  I thought this would be a great place to document our racing activity, lifestyle, family life, house search and all things that change with our life.


Someone recently made the comment to me about how crazy busy our life is and how hard it is to keep up with us.  I think that comment is crazy considering it’s just the two of us!  We like to keep active and busy which is nice but sometimes sucks!

It sucks because we don’t always get to spend quality time with just each other.  We are always running off to do things with our friends, families or for our job.  We love doing things with our friends and families but sometimes after a hectic week at work I look forward to staying home.  I always feel torn about how much or how little time we spend with our families (both or just one)  It’s hard to find that balance between alone time, friend time and family time.

How do you know when you are run to thin?

This week is crazy busy for us, I am home alone/working tonight and tomorrow night while Andrew is racing at Super Nationals (yay!!) with our friend Trent.  I am really hoping, crossing my fingers



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