What a whirlwind week this has been. Between softball, meetings, high school volleyball games, and getting ready for the big game this weekend; this week has been crazy fast and busy.

I think Andrew and I have been running around crazy trying to make sure our house is ready for visitors and we have everything we need for tailgating on Saturday! I completely trust that Andrew will have everything ready to go for Saturday morning when we leave at 6:15, however I must not trust him completely because I left him list after list of what to make/mix up for food. I have to take my cheerleaders to Prairie City tomorrow night for the football game and won’t get home til late. So in order to get some sleep Andrew is going to get us packed tomorrow night. Andrew is a great good cook so I’m sure he can handle my recipes.

I will have a big post (and pictures!) of our big tailgate party on Saturday. I’m excited to have our friends, and family around to hang out for the day. But before we get to THE big game, tomorrow night its off to our big high school game in Prairie City.

Go Trojans!

Here is me and one of my favorite ISU players 🙂



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