The BIG game



Well this past weekend was the BIG game. If you aren’t from Iowa or haven’t been around this is the annual Cy-Hawk showdown between Iowa State and Iowa. If you don’t know much about our family WE LOVE IOWA STATE!!
It started along time ago when my grandpa went to a college called Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. (Do you see where this is headed:) ) well my grandpa graduated and moved on to begin his career as a High School Ag teacher. Well my dad and 3 of his siblings all went to Iowa State. Well growing up we went to lots of VEISHEAs and spent most Saturdays in Ames.
Now that I married an Iowa State grad our love for the Cyclones has only grown. With season tickets we decided to have a big tailgate and invite our friends and families over.
The morning started out pretty hectic. We wanted to leave around 6:15 for Ames but we may have woke up at 6:15 🙂 oops! So we quick got showered and ran out the door. So happy we packed the car up on Friday night (good job Andrew he must have known this was going to happen! ) We made it to Ames by 7:30 and got set-up. I continually kept in touch with our friend Meredith who was on bed rest (Meredith we are going to have a tailgate in your room!!) with all of the goodies that were there. We definetly didn’t have a shortage of food!!


We enjoyed an afternoon full day of food, friends, family, games and just relaxation. At 4:00 we made our way into the game to cheer on our team. At halftime we made a pit stop to see my Grandpa Rudy and Grandma Tootie. Aren’t they cute!



I love that they are still able to come to the games. They might not be as vocal as they once were but they love coming and love the marching band! Somehow we missed seeing our favorite aunt Dawn, but I’m sure we will see her sometime soon!!

Even though our team ended up losing we had a great day of being with our family and friends. Until next year, GO CYCLONES!! Here are some pictures from the day.

All packed and ready to go!




Our grill master 🙂



My dad in his seats 🙂

















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