Menu planning

Since we have moved in together I have had to learn to become a better meal time planner. Being a single gal I could throw together a simple low-key meal that would satisfy me just fine. However since Andrew and I began living together I have has to become better at planning meals.  When we first moved in together I think Andrew was less than impressed with my meal planning (he won’t ever say that!) You mean you want more than a sandwich for supper!! It was a learning curve for both of us, well since that first year together our meals have improved! I thought I would share with everyone my plan for meal planning/saving money.

Every two weeks I sit down and look through our local Hy-Vee ad (just their normal ad and their fuel saver ad)  Once I have looked through the ads I plan our meals.  I based our meal planning for two weeks off of the ads.  This planning helps us stick to a budget and helps me survive through super busy weeks!  Now I’m not a very creative cook I NEED A RECIPE, however I’m not afraid to try new things.  So to shake up our meal time from our normal recipes I follow some blogs with some GREAT recipe ideas.

*I have not been paid by these blogs to give them reviews but I thought I would share the great websites that I have found with all of you!!

The first website that we absolutely love! I say we because I know that all of these recipes are man tested! They are healthy and delicious and when I ask Andrew for what he feels like he usually requests these recipes.  I love the new recipe ideas she posted during the week and that I can search through her old ones!

Thanks for all your great recipes Kristin!


I also follow another great blogger named Julie.  Julie is a fitness enthusiast and has some great healthy recipes that really help to shake things up!  I also love her blog because she has some great workout ideas that always keep me moving and guessing! I also love her recipes because they are quick and easy recipes and awesome for people who are on the go so those are awesome for us!


I plan our meals for two weeks, go grocery shopping, and then I write out our meals on the calendar.  This helps us espescially because we are always on the go and planning our meals and writing out where the recipes are from help whoever is home first start dinner.

This is what works for us and our lifestyle.  Hopes this helps everyone out and maybe will give you some new recipe ideas that our family also loves!! Here is dinner tonight! Delicious!!


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