* My sister and I after the Des Moines half marathon two years ago.

As most (or some) of you know I enjoy working out, staying active inside outside it doesn’t really matter. I feel like I’m a better person when I work out. Happier, healthier, more productive when I work out.
Well a few months ago I fell off the workout bandwagon. I was still doing a few things here and there but not as scheduled as I was before. If I’m honest I think I quit because I was bored. I wasn’t having any fun any more.
Well within the last week my sister and I decided we need to run a race to get us back on the bandwagon. So we decided a nice and easy 5k would do the trick. Get us back out running (and enjoying this beautiful weather! My favorite time of year to run!) so we started her in Beaman, me in State Center. It wasn’t to bad I was not as far out of shape as I previously beloved and I was enjoying it again. But about a week in I got the worst, could barely walk shin splints. Now I like to muscle through a lot not get beat mentally but this one did it. I could barely walk and I didn’t want to give up as I was finally excited again to run. So I bought these beauties


I have only run a few times with them but so far they seem to be helping. Now if they can just help til the end of the month that would be great!!
What do you do to help get yourself motivated?


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