Fabulous Fall Weekend


Well it’s my second favorite time of year! I love Christmas time but fall is a close second.  I love the leaves changing, the weather, and of course COLLEGE FOOTBALL! Go State!

This weekend Iowa State had an away football game so we decided to have some friends over and watch the game at our house.  As we were thinking of what we were going to eat during the game Andrew said “I’ll make chili.” Andrew is a fabulous chili maker!  Everyone has their niche and this is his, he made two different types of chili for the game; spicy and not so spicy 🙂


Andrew’s chili was the hit of the game!  I love that when he makes it we have enough to freeze some and eat some for a while.  We love chili in this house!  Maybe if I talk nice Andrew will write down what he puts in our chili so I can share it with all of you 🙂

We had a great spread for the game; chili, rolls, apple crisp (courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats), and little smokies.  It kept us happy, and full throughout the game.


If only the game would have turned out better for us.  😦  We did have a great time with our friends just hanging out and socializing.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!  Now its off to do some homework and get ready for my concert this week.






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