Crazy Things

So we all do crazy things in our life, some of us just do them more often then others.  Well I have decided that our “crazy” thing we do is play kickball.  Yes we are grown adults playing a game we played in elementary school and it’s a blast!!  However this is why we are crazy!




Yes that is the temperature for our game that we play tomorrow night.  What!?!! I hate the cold, it takes me forever to warm-up once I’m cold.  I also hate putting on that many layers and then sweating underneath them.  However it is what we do for the love of the game 🙂

It is something that keeps us active and I enjoy hanging out with our friends even if we are freezing half the time.  Last week when we played I was bundled up (including my winter coat) while the boys on our team were wearing shorts! Yes shorts in about 40 degree weather.  I think we all thought the other was crazy, but this week we are ALL bundled up!

Well here we go off to hope and stay warm (if that’s possible)………………..



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