Weekend Away


Well over the past month or so I feel like life has been flying by.  Between crazy work schedules (mostly me) and extra activities that we enjoy we have hardly been home and/or seen each other.  I hate when the only time we get to see each other is quick over the supper table and then as we are crashing into bed at night.

Now the month of November has hit and we can breathe a HUGE sigh of relief that our schedules have finally slowed down!!  Thursday night after trick-or-treating had ended we were watching tv/doing homework, Andrew said, “I think this is the first time we have relaxed together in I don’t know since August!” The sad part is he is right 😦

So we decided it was a great time for a weekend get-away!!  We got ourselves packed up Thursday night  Friday morning, so we could take off after work on Friday.  Our luxurious destination was………….




Manhattan, Kansas home of the Kansas State Wildcats.  We headed down here with a few other friends; Nate and Janine; Nate went to college at K-State so he was our tour guide :), and Fletcher who is also an ISU graduate with Andrew.

We drove down Friday night so we could be there in plenty of time for kickoff at 2:30.  They call this game “Farmaggedon” because both colleges are agriculture colleges.  When we pulled into our tailgating spot Janine and I laughed because it legitimately felt like we were tailgating on the farm.



It was a perfect day for football, sunny, warm (for fall) and great company.  Nate got us great seats for the game, I just wish it was a better game.  Everyone in Manhattan was great!! Very welcoming and super nice to us, we didn’t feel like the “enemy” at all 🙂

Oh well we will always be loyal fans and it was fun to travel and see another big 12 school’s stadium.


The outside view of the whole stadium






View from our seats with Iowa State in the end zone.


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