Something Bigger

Do you ever have a week where you feel like you have given it everything you have and you are still running short?   That is this week!

I just feel exhausted and completely wore out, I would like to crawl into my bed and stay there until the weekend.  As I sat down to write about how horrible my week is going I realized there is more in life then how exhausted I feel.  When you think about a family here in town that has bigger issues going on in their lives which helps you see everyone come together for a great cause!


A teacher at school this week is gone because his son had a kidney transplant yesterday.  Their son is one of the cutest two year old twin that I have ever met.  When you first meet Blake and Bowen they are usually pretty shy but then the craziness comes out :).  I have their older siblings in piano lessons, and they are the best family ever!!  When Blake was born everyone knew he was going to have kidney and bladder problems and yesterday was the day to fix those things!

Everyone at school (at all three buildings) wore their green shirts for kidney awareness and to show their support for little Blakers.  I was glued to my phone in between all my classes and during my prep period.  I was hoping that all of my prayers (and everyone’s in State Center’s and across the state) were working.  They were on my mind all day long and hoping for the best possible news out of Iowa City.

I was relieved last night at 11 when I read Facebook to see that he was doing great!! I started crying when I read the post, I can’t imagine leaving my 2 year old child at 8 am for surgery and to not see him until around 9 last night.  My heart just aches and swells for the Burdorfs as I can’t imagine going through what they are but know what great and extremely blessed people they are.  I feel so lucky to have them in my life to teach me so much about God and life.

I can’t wait to have piano lessons tomorrow with the Jenna and Brody to see how they are doing and see those big grins on their faces reminding me that no matter how tired, exhausted, or stressed out I am there is always something bigger going on around us. For them I am eternally grateful.


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