It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

So are lives have just been cruising right along and then it felt like I hit a brick wall…wait what Christmas is almost a month away! Christmas shopping needs to start now!!

I got some shopping done this past weekend when my friend, Jonell and I went to Junk Jubilee.  It was fabulous, tons of stuff and a great place to get ideas for things you might already have.  I bought a couple presents (I would show you pictures but then people would know their presents 😉 )  And this cute magnet sign to put on my office door, I love it!  It will be great for me to leave messages for my students and for them to leave me some.



With my Christmas shopping started it was time to get my house ready.  This is one of my favorite times to decorate our house, twinkling lights all over, sparkle, I can’t get enough!  Andrew is always less then thrilled when it all comes out but he was a champ especially since its already out.  I explained that with fewer weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year I need to put things up a week early.  I’m not sure he bought it but he went along with it anyway.

Here is what is up around our house so far 🙂






Our dining room table centerpieces


One of my favorite ornaments 🙂


O Christmas Tree 🙂 yup it already has presents underneath it!


My ornament garland isn’t done yet I have to go buy more ornaments but I thought I would put it up for now regardless 🙂

Well that’s all I have up so far, now its time to go work on some homework and get ready for our busy weekend ahead.  Our final football tailgate this weekend 😦 and the Kinser family Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone






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