Record setting night

Well Saturday night was a record setting night and by record setting I mean it was the coldest kickoff at Jack Trice stadium.  Guess who was there…..yup us!  It actually wasn’t as horrible as I thought it might be but we had so many clothes on that I dont’ know how we could have gotten cold.  Yup this is the temperature 30 minutes prior to kickoff, it was cold!


The only saving grace we had was there was NO WIND!  We braved the elements for a little tailgating before the game and then 3 hours of the football game.  I was a little worried that I wouldn’t last for the whole game because I got really cold at the tailgate hosted by our friends Dan and Laura.  here is Janine and myself all bundled up trying to stay warm 🙂


We then headed back to our car to add on some more layers, warm-up quick and then head into the game.  We got inside, Andrew got the snow cleaned off of our seats and we quickly wrapped up in blankets and were ready to cheer on the Cyclones!  I felt much warmer than I thought I would once we were inside the stadium.  That might have been because we had one fleece-lined leggings, running tights, sweatpants and jeans just on my legs 🙂  Andrews sister bought hand and toe warmers which helped keep my normally cold toes warm!

The game was exciting to watch as the field was a skating rink which made it fun to watch.  Everyone was slipping and sliding on the field which was something new to watch!  This is the field/stadium before the game started!


We cheered loud all night long and all that yelling, and jumping up and down helped keep us warm!  Here we are at halftime still smiling and not to cold yet 🙂


We had a great time at the game (despite the cold) and really enjoyed our season tickets.  It might not have been the best football season but we will always love our Cyclones!  I’m sure come next August we will forget about how cold we were on Saturday and complain about how hot we are 🙂    Regardless I’m so happy that our football team got a great victory on senior night and our final home game of the 2013 football season!





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