Time Away….

I wish I could say that since I’ve been away from writing we have been doing super awesome fun things, however you would be wrong. We did have thanksgiving break in there and have did some fun things during that week before the CRAZINESS set in.  

On the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving we headed over to Ames for a date night 🙂  We went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings (I have had huge cravings for Frank’s Red Hot sauce lately and can’t get enough!) then we headed over to the Iowa State Volleyball game.  It was a lot of fun!




We then headed home for Thanksgiving.  It was great to spend time with my grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins!  Erin and I spent the morning looking through the Black Friday ads and determine what it was that we were shopping for.  We went back home and got ready for our shopping trip the next day.  On Friday we went to Des Moines shopping and just in general spent time together.  Saturday was my birthday!!! For my birthday Andrew bought me a trainer for my bicycle; RAGBRAI here I come (again)  


I love being able to ride my bike whenever I feel like it.  

That night was spent with friends watching some stand-up comedians, and played cards til super late, oops!  Overall it was a great Thanksgiving break and I’m ready for life to slow down a little bit and enjoy the holidays.


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