First Trimester

Well we are now through the first trimester (thank goodness!) When we found out we were expecting we were thrilled and could hardly wait to share the news with everyone, then reality set-in.  Around week 6 the morning sickness set in, now morning sickness would imply that it happens in the morning.  But mine always happened at night, which was a great blessing so I could work a normal day and then I would head home at night and all bets would be off.

My morning sickness peaked through weeks 8-10.  That was when I felt the worse, however around week 11 and 12 I was finally feeling somewhat back to normal which is great because I was at my breaking point.

I am so happy and thankful for a healthy baby which I know is a good sign when you are sick all the time but I am also happy to not be having to spend my night in the bathroom anymore but I get to spend it hanging out with my husband again!

I will start sharing some belly pictures here shortly now that we are in the second trimester and there are slowly starting to be some changes!  We are excited to share this journey with everyone and excited for the end of April to get here so we can find out if Baby Kinser is a girl or boy.

Do you have a guess??


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