Long Break + Exciting News

Sorry for the long break everyone.  I know we live in Iowa and usually January and February are boring months where we are trapped inside however I feel like I haven’t been home at all! I will do my best to catch you up to date on our lives.  Well between work, grad school, and just life in general I feel as if we (Andrew and I) have barely seen each other let alone anyone else.  Hopefully life will begin to slow down so life can get back to normal.

We recently purchased a new truck for Andrew! We haven’t completely said good bye to the ranger yet, but I’m sure once Andrew really starts driving his new truck he won’t want to get back in the Ranger!  I’m so excited to have two reliable vehicles that we can use.


now on to the more exciting news……..


Yup that’s right we are having a BABY!!!

We are so excited and excited to finally be able to share the news with everyone!  It is so hard keeping this exciting secret! We are currently 13 weeks pregnant, and I’m glad to be through the “worst” portion of it 🙂  more on that later.  We have had one doctor’s appointment so far and got to hear the heartbeat, it was so exciting! I can’t wait for our first ultrasound so we can see our little baby Kinser.  That will probably become the baby’s nickname as we aren’t sharing the name with everyone.

I’m glad to finally share our exciting news with all of you! Our little Cyclone will arrive in September and I can’t wait to keep all of you up to date!




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