Where has June gone?  I can’t believe its the last part of June where has the time gone!  Days feel like they are flying by lately and our to-do list is still nice and long and not getting any shorter.  Here are a few of the highlights of things we have done throughout the month of June.

1) Racing: We have kept up with our racing on Friday nights and this year Andrew has added in a few added nights in Boone, and Oskaloosa.  I’ve managed to make it to a few nights to cheer him on and only missed a few nights 🙂 We have had some really good nights and some not so awesome nights.


2) LAST SUMMER OF GRADUATE SCHOOL!!!  I am officially done with all of my classes for my graduate degree!  I’m happy that this is something I accomplished and am very proud of however I am so ready to be able to be home for the month of June and spend more time with my family.   I will now just get my counseling hours in this school year and graduate next May!  It has been a great journey and I have made lots of great new friends who I will never forget!

year 3


3) 10 year class reunion.  How have I been out of high school for 10 year already!  We had a nice time grilling out, playing games and visiting with each other.  It was a nice laid back time to just catch up with everyone.


4) Baby progress.  Well our little girl hasn’t slowed down much lately and has just been growing like crazy!  Andrew has made great progress redoing a dresser for her room I can’t wait to show you where we started and where we are ending up at.  I’m hoping to have her room done here in July so stay tuned for that post.



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