Holiday Weekend Fun

This holiday weekend was a fast, fun-filled weekend of lots of festivties!  We started Friday afternoon by stopping over at our friend’s house for a little afternoon fun in the sun.  It was great to see so many friends and have a nice relaxing time to start off our holiday weekend.

Once we left there we headed over to our normal Friday night tradition of RACING! We had a great night at the track of racing, fireworks, and grilling out afterwards.  It was a great Friday night and start to our holiday weekend.


Love my Race car driver!!

We got up early on Saturday morning to head to my grandparent’s house for RRRRR or Rudy’s Road Rally @ River Ranch; aka celebrate my Grandpa’s 90th birthday!!!  Everyone came home to the River Ranch which is what we fondly refer to my grandparent’s house as since it sits right on the Raccoon River.  Besides some pesky flies and mosquitos it was a fabulous time filled with family, remote control car races, food, and conversation.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from this weekend 🙂



Birthday boy with his “job” for race day!!


The boys working or supervising the improvements to the race track.


The girls with their job for the day 🙂


The cars lined up and ready for the initial race of the day.


AND their off!


The official flagman for the day.



Winners claiming their 100 Grand for their prize money 🙂


Oh the concentration


Andrew collecting our “winnings” 


The spectators watching the race.


View of the River Ranch with the “race track” in the background.


All wore out from the day’s fun, so NAP TIME!

It was a great day and I hope everyone else had as much fun as we had out at the River Ranch!










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