A day in our life

So I thought it would be fun to recap what a day in our house is like

4:45 am – up to eat/pump and have a diaper change after sleeping for almost 6 hours (yay!!)

5:15 – play time (I know right!?) however I can get the best smiles out of her in the morning. Eat a granola bar and have some Gatorade. We get the hiccups but they don’t seem to both her, just continues to lay, kick, and smile.


6:00- start to get tired and fussy so rock her back to sleep.

This is her new favorite way to sleep.

8:50- back up for diaper change and to eat

9:30- play, talk, smile, look at the ceiling fan.

10:30- diaper change
10:50- nap time & mommy shower time

11:20 – wake up extra fussy. Change diaper, dirty again; after changing it less fussy.

11:40 – eat, then falls asleep


3:00 – woke up from nap, diaper change and nursed.

3:50 – went for a great walk in the perfect fall weather


5:00 – dad got home from work and we went on another walk 🙂

6:00 – diaper change and nursed

6:30 – friend stopped over visited for a bit, had an upset baby with an upset tummy.

6:50-7:30 – lots of diaper changes and bouncing as we try to console our upset baby

7:45 – nursed

8:00 – fell asleep

10:50 – diaper change and eat

11:20 – rock back to sleep and call it a day!




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