2 months old!

Where has the time gone! I can’t believe my baby is already 2 months old. She loves sticking out her tongue, smiling (especially at daddy), making spit bubbles, staring at the ceiling fan.


We have started a new trend of not taking naps in the afternoon. She just fights it, however the silver lining is when she doesn’t sleep during the day she sleeps super awesome at night 🙂

A few weeks ago our friend Jamie came over and took some pictures of Makayla. Here’s one I can’t wait to order/get the rest. So adorable!!


I have been trying to get us out of the house at least once a day which is good for both of us. So this week we had our first two play dates 😃. Our first play date was with my friend Kate and their less than week old baby girl Gwen. I’m sure this is the first of many times we will get together.


Side note: I thought Makayla had a lot of hair, Gwen puts makayla’s hair to shame!
Our second play date was with my cousins little baby boy Brooks.

It’s been fun to get out and see friends and their babies!

It’s hard to believe I have to go back to work next week. Where has the time gone!



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