Thanksgiving 2014

Well we have survived the first part of the holidays and found Makayla is a great traveler!!


It was so much fun having Makayla this year for Thanksgiving! She got to meet lots of people for the first time and gave away lots of smiles.


We started the holiday off at my Grandparents house, with my mom’s side of the family. They all loved Makayla and she showed off lots of her skills for everyone. She demonstrated how she can kick her piano, her smiles 🙂 after lunch and some hang out time we headed to my other grandparents house but had to cut it short due to a tired, cranky baby.

Once we got back to my parents house makayla was awake for a while but slept like a champ in my old crib! In the morning she worked on rolling over (with the help of my dad!) and sitting up. We made it home early afternoon on Friday, and after a good nursing session we headed to Marshalltown for some Black Friday shopping (bring on new tires for our cars)

We were up bright and early on Saturday morning to head to Andrews mom house. This part of Thanksgiving was fun because no one had really seen Makayla so it was nice for everyone to see her and love up on her.

One thing we did learn through our holiday travels is Makayla is ok with other people holding her as long as she can see one of us, but still wants mom & dad when it’s nearing nap time to cuddle 🙂


We had a blast at thanksgiving so I can’t wait to see what Christmas brings with her!

On a side note Makayla slept all night last night!! Yay!!


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