Makayla – 3 months

How can my sweet little baby already be 3 months old!  Time needs to slow down already (I feel like I will be saying that the rest of my life.)  Things have been super fun around our house lately, we have a happy, growing baby who is giving us lots of smiles and giggles lately.


At our last dr check she was weighing about 12 lbs and is 24″ long, which means I have to put her in pants that are long enough for her but her onesie’s are huge on her because she doesn’t have enough weight to fill them out 🙂


She has been sleeping awesome at night for us! She usually goes down around 9, and will sleep for about 5-6 hours and then is up between 5-5:30, and then up for the day at 6:30.  If its the weekend and I'm not up getting ready she will sleep til 7:30-8.  Mornings are the best time of day for her she is totally happy and smiley when I go into her room in the morning to get her, that makes it easier to get up for the day.

Makayla loves daycare and all her friends there.  She gets tons of love and attention which makes this momma happy 🙂  Makayla takes her bottle when she decides she wants to so we are still working on getting better at that!  Since she has been at daycare she has more of a personality and has become more independent.  As much as I know she is having fun at daycare I still miss her like crazy during the day I love knowing that she is having so much fun at daycare.

We are getting stronger and stronger everyday.  She has started working on sitting up and sometimes is the only way she wants to sit.  We haven't quite perfected holding our head up all the time but we are getting better at it!  Makayla has done really great at holding her head up when you are holding her and loves to be held so she can see what is going on, that girl doesn't want to miss a thing!


Makayla loves to "talk" to us and tell us about all sorts of things.  I have yet to catch it on video but she will talk and talk to Andrew as if they are having a conversation it is the best thing!  We feel super blessed to have such a happy, healthy baby.  I still can't believe she's 3 months old already, where has the time gone?!



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