Top 14 things of 2014

I always think it’s fun to look back on what great things happened to is during the year. So here are our top 14 things for 2014

1) Makayla Jean:
Well this little girl came bursting into our lives 2 weeks earlier than expected and has brought us nothing but joy ever since. She is developing a great personality and has lots to say and makes sure we hear it! I don’t think either of us could have predicted how such a little girl could impact our lives so greatly. We love her so much and can’t wait to watch her continue to change and grow.



2) Andrew
Well he has been a champ this past year and I can’t thank him enough. He was a great help/supporter during my 1st trimester and when I was super sick. Then he waited on me and made sure I had everything I needed while I was pregnant. He was so good during labor/delivery and is such a great father. I didn’t realize how after having Makayla I would love Andrew so much more.





3) family:
Not only for new family of 3, but our extended families. Everyone is healthy and happy and enjoying Makayla. We are very blessed to have such great supportive families.

4) galena, Illinois
This was our only “vacation” this summer. With me being pregnant we didn’t know or want to plan anything major just not knowing how I would feel. We had a blast in Galena for the day. All the cute unique shops, restaurants, and overall nice feel. We can’t wait to go back some day

5) racing
This was Andrews best year racing yet! We finished 4th in points at Marshalltown! Our friends Trent and Derek also race in Marshalltown so it’s fun to have them there racing with us!




6) last year of grad school
Well this June I started my third and final year of graduate school. I am excited that the end is insight but so proud of myself for continuing my education and I can’t wait to become a school counselor!

7) more projects
Well this year has brought us more projects. I love finding things and making them into something new. Our first projects of the year were Andrew refinished a dresser and turned the top into a changing table and he refinished a bookshelf he had previously made for Makayla’s room.


We are now onto repurposing an old dresser into an entertainment center and another one into a bookshelf. Can’t wait to show you pictures when their done!!

8) Baby Lincoln
This November we welcomed Makayla’s first cousin Lincoln. Now these two haven’t gotten into much trouble yet but I’m sure as they get older they will have lots of things to get into!!



9) friends
We have always had a great group of friends both in State Center and Marshalltown however after the birth of Makayla that was truly solidified. We had so many friends bring us meals and come visit us after Makayla was born. It was so nice to have friends to do those things for us!! I don’t know we could ever thank everyone enough

10) New vehicle
2014 brought us a new truck for Andrew! We bought a new truck that could haul a baby in it! We got the truck in the spring and are loving it!


11) ISU football
Well our team wasn’t very good this year and with Makayla’s impending arrival we didn’t renew our season tickets but I had a goal of making it to one football game, and I DID IT!! we went the the football game a week before Makayla was born. It was a little warm but I loved every second of it, we did a lot of cheering (or whisper cheering) from our living room 🙂


This picture cracks me up of Makayla because it was after a particularly bad loss. We all felt her pain!

12) ISU basketball
We didn’t make it to many basketball games last year (I think a total of 1) but we love our team and did lots of cheering from our house. We have been watching them again and Makayla loves to watch basketball on tv, it’s hysterical. It will be fun to watch her grow and see if she continues her love of basketball. She is a girl from her mothers heart!! I could also watch basketball all day long 😄


13) new tires
Sometimes being a grownup is no fun but it is fun when you score a great deal on a no fun thing to buy! I know new tires =LAME, but we scored an awesome Black Friday deal on them and saved tons of money which made this lady happy! Ps Ann we didn’t even have to climb a mountain to decide to get new tires 😉

14) us
I love where our family ended 2014. We are in a great place and I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for us, hopefully it will be filled with new jobs, new house, and a growing happy healthy baby. We wish all of you a great 2015 may it be your best year yet!!






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