6 months

So sorry little behind over here (story of my life 😃) well a few weeks ago Makayla turned 6 months old! How did she get so big and old! 

We now have a baby who can sit on her own (she’s only wabbly once in a while), has her first real cold, and LOVES her toes!! 

Makayla loves to help me get ready in the morning, so she sits with me while I do my makeup and dry my hair.  She  sleeps great! And we usually get up after 6-7 hours to eat  and then right back to bed!! 

Makayla loves to play with all her toys and by play I mean dump then all out on the floor and giggle! Silly girl!!

Makayla still loves daycare and all her friends there! She won’t know what to do we she doesn’t have to go for a few months! 

We have a happy, laid-back little girl. I can’t believe 6 months have past so quickly!!  We love you Makayla Jean!!

**on a side note Makayla got to celebrate Iowa State’s Big 12 Men’s Basketball Tournament championship, she wasn’t to sure what to think but celebrated so hard she slept til 9 this am!!! Go Clones!! 


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