Life Lately

Sorry for all the silence lately however life has been very exciting around our house lately and maybe slightly crazy!!

First and foremost the most exciting news; after 3 years of lots of hard work, sacrifices, months away from home, and hours doing homework I have completed my graduate program!!!! It feels so great to have this huge bucket list item checked off. I can’t wait to walk across the stage in May. I will miss my classmates and always knowing when I’ll get to see them next but I’m looking forward to spending my summer with Makayla and enjoying my time with her.

  My portfolio on google docs all complete

  “Handing” in my final project

In other news I was nominated for the LIebster Award by Kyley Leger.  Thank Kyley! This award is passed around the blogging community for people with fewer than 200 followers to help get them some recognition.  Here are 11 facts about me and then 11 questions I am to answer.

11 Fun Facts About Me!

1. I love summer and I can’t wait for it to warm-up so we can be outside all day long!!!

2. I am into re-purposing furniture.  Stay tuned for our new entertainment center, and a class I took.

3. I enjoy working out and playing sports but haven’t got back into it much since having Makayla, and I’m hoping this summer will allow me time to get back into it.

4. I am a first time mom to 7 1/2 month old baby girl who is the best little girl (but I might be biased 😉 )

5. I am still struggling and working on finding a balance between work, home, and friends and never imagined it would be this difficult (but that’s a topic for another blog post)

6. I recently finished my graduate program and am looking forward to using my new degree every day.

7. I wish I could travel more than I do because I enjoy seeing new places and trying new things.

8. I can’t wait for summer as we always take family vacations.  We are currently planning a vacation with my side of the family and will also take one just the three of us!

9. I am someone who loves to sleep but I have adapted surprisingly well with not getting as much as normal 🙂

10. I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes I only wish I had a bigger kitchen and or a dishwasher 🙂

11. Before Makayla was born we bought a nice camera and I am getting into taking pictures of her. Maybe I will get them off my camera soon and get them posted!

Here are my questions to answer:

  1. Why did you start blogging? I started blogging as a way family to be able to keep track or in contact with what is happening in our lives since they live far away.
  2. What’s your nighttime routine? Well we start at around 7 or 7:30 with either a bath (every other night) or just straight to jammies.  Once we are in our jammies we nurse and then read some bedtime stories before nursing one more time and then head to bed.
  3. If you just answered what you do with children at bedtime, what’s YOUR nighttime routine? My bedtime routine is usually I wash bottles, lay on the couch with Andrew, brush my teeth/wash my face, head to bed.
  4. What’s your favorite season? Why? Well I have 2 I love summer because I love the nice weather and being able to spend time outside and have tons of things to go do, however I also love fall because I enjoy the leaves changing colors and football!!!
  5. If you had a week off and unlimited funds, where would you go? I would go to California to stay with my aunt Ann, we went to visit her in Seattle and it was a ball so I’m sure we would have fun in California!!
  6. What’s the last thing you did for yourself? I got a pedicure with my friend Jonell after Makayla was born.
  7. What’s your favorite book? I recently read the book “Sentenced to Life” by Joan Becker and loved everything about it! Here’s the link to buy it on Amazon.
  8. What advice would you give 21-year-old you? Just relax and have fun it will all work out in the end.
  9. What’s your favorite recipe? Lately I am in to putting chicken breast in the crock pot with chicken broth, salt, pepper, garlic salt, and Kickin’ chicken seasoning then shredding it and having bbq chicken sandwiches, buffalo chicken sandwiches, and adding rice, beans, salsa, and cheese to have in tacos. easy and so good!!
  10. Where do you want to be in 10 years? Happy!
  11. How do you find time to blog? I usually blog at night after Makayla has gone to bed or on the weekends, its a nice way for me to get out my thoughts and keep track of all the things Makayla is doing!

Thanks for the nomination Kyley! I’m hoping tonight to get up some more pictures for everyone! Until then here is a picture of our big little girl!!


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