Presents, Presents, Presents

So this week/weekend has been full of presents for the little one and her daddy. 

While I was out at a baby shower the two of them had some quality Daddy/Daughter time running errands, which included getting Daddy a new phone (Hallelujah!!) he was is desperate need of one but wanted to do it on his “own” terms. Finally after about a month of a questionable phone we finally upgraded and got an iPhone. Now we can communicate on a normal basis and be more connected and synced up calendar wise which is super helpful when coordinating everyone’s schedules.

On Saturday morning with lots of searching aisle after aisle in Walmart we bought Malayla a swing. It was finally nice enough on Sunday to test it out! I say it’s a hit and will be lots of fun as it continues to get warmer! 

Then on Monday night; Makayla got in on more action when we bought her a bike trailer! I love my bike and have been so ready for it to warm up so I could get back on it. Andrew didn’t have a very nice bike so we had been discussing getting him a bike to ride so we could ride together. Then with lots of thought, research, and help from our super awesome bike guy, Matt at Black Tire Bike Co, we bought a Burley bike trailer.  Here is a link to the trailer we bought:

Makaylas helmet will be in later this week then we will test this bad boy out, but I can’t wait! I’m excited to be able to be outside, and be active as a family. I remember our family bike rides almost every night in the summer and hope to enjoy them now with our little family. Once we get out and going I’ll let you guys know how we like our bike trailer but I have a feeling we are going to love it! Here’s Makayla trying on a bike helmet so we could get the right size. She looks thrilled šŸ˜‰

How most of our Monday nights look: exhausted!! 

It’s been a fun-filled busy weekend of firsts and in excited to really get using all of our new “toys”

Here’s Makayla is her Chicago Cubs outfit this weekend. Great-Grandpa Boner would be so proud of his girl supporting his cubbies! I’m sure he’s smiling down on her from heaven šŸ˜



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