Weekend Highlights

Well we had quite the weekend this past weekend. It was filled with some ups, and downs and more ups 🙂

Friday night:

As I lay in bed (at 8:00 oops!) I got a phone call from Andrew, in the racing world an early phone call usually means not good! And I was right! Andrew rolled his race car three times in the heat race, thankfully he walked away and was un-hurt but after seeing the video I’m glad I wasn’t there. Scary!!! 

Here’s the link if you want to watch it!



On Saturday morning my parents came over to watch miss Makayla while Andrew and I along with our friend Adam went on a nice little 30 mile bike ride. I forgot to get any pictures but we had a great time…on the way home! The way out was a little rough since it was uphill and into the wind but we survived and so did Makayla and my parents 😀



Sunday was filled with errand running, graduation party, and getting caught up at home. I did find this at the grocery store and was pretty excited because I never can find anything with my name on it 😀


Also this weekend we had someone practicing getting around because WE HAVE A CRAWLER! She just do goes goes goes. She is such a little ham! She so recently started sitting up in her crib and just grins ear to ear when you walk in because she’s so proud of herself. That girl just melts my heart 🙂



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