Way Behind

Sorry for the long silence over here on my end…summer totally got away from me so I will try to get you caught up quick and post a few other posts of a few major highlights of our summer 🙂


Well first in May I graduated from Grad school on memorial day weekend so we all loaded up and headed to Storm Lake for the day.  It was a great day with my classmates and with my family 🙂

Then life got crazy, in a total of 7 days, we bought our first house (yay!!) and I accepted a new job (yay! and holy cow this is crazy!)  So needless to say we have had a lot of craziness going on being packing and moving not only our house, but also my classroom.

We are in our house after lots of painting we are in and slowly starting to get settled.  We have been working on some projects so I will take pictures and post them once they are done 🙂

I think my next post will be a photo dump and a recap of Makayla month 10 and 11 since she will be 11 months next week (holy cow where did the time go!)


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