Life lately

Well I have taken a step back and really took sometime to enjoy everything going on in our lives lately.

 Makayla is at such a fun age it has been a blast! Somedays a frustrating on because she knows what she wants and just can’t tell us but she is getting better!

She is turning into a great helper. She loves throwing her diapers away after she gets changed. And if we ask her to carry something to the other one she smiles and literally runs it to them 😀. Hopefully this trend continues!!

She also loves her stuffed animals and loves might be an understatement. She sleeps with 4, she drags them through the house, tried to feed them. We have to give everyone a kiss good night before putting her to bed. It is hilarious but hey if it helps her sleep I’m in!!

Well here are some random photos of things we have been doing lately

Coloring at supper with Daddy which was more like playing with the box

 Cheese!! Actually it was more like I got pancakes today lucky me!!

Meeting Cy for the first time. Definitely ❤️d him from a distance

First ISU game. We went to the isu volleyball game and she loved all the action. She even got a volleyball to bring home and we play catch every night.

Just lounging with monkey before bed

Being such a big girl with my ponytail 😢 where did my baby go!?!

Laundry baskets the best toy ever

Painting pumpkins at daycare. We seriously have the best daycare ever, we love her so much!

Baseball playoff time and Makayla was happy moms team won!

“Helping” mom look through her purse


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