Weekend Fun

The past two weekends we have experienced “fake spring” and it has been AMAZING!! Temps in the 60s have been a great break from winters gloom. We have had a great time and makes it hard to go back to the cold during the week.
Here are some fun things we have been up to;

1) wagon rides

We bought this wagon from some friends right before Christmas and were so excited for her to try it and she loves it! I actually got in it with her and Andrew pulled us around πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

2) Park playing

This weekend we went and did some shopping and she got to go to the park along with her new shades which she loves! I love that she loves to be outside and hates coming in!

3) Missed naptime 😬

Sometimes when your having so much fun you might miss your nap and then crash hard!! Play hard = sleep hard.
Makayla has been so much fun lately. She is turning into the most hilarious little girl. She plays well with other kids, says funny things, acts funny, and has finally become a good sleeper. She still likes to cuddles every once in a while

But usually likes to sleep with all her “babies”

We are definitely ready for spring to come and stay!!



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