So Easter came and went and I realized I didn’t do any blogging about it 😳 my bad everyone! 

So we started the day off at our house. The Easter bunny happened to drop off a few treats at our house over night!

The treats were pretty awesome! The Crayola bath crayons are great fun for Makayla. She loves to color and write so these made perfect sense for her. They write really nice on our tub and come off amazingly well! We’ve read the story and she loves the peek-a-boo aspect of it. We haven’t used the other bath things yet because we are still into the crayons so I’ll check back in about them after we use them.

About the week before Easter we headed to an Easter egg hunt in Colo with our daycare friends (George, Henry, Hattie and their mom Steph.) not sure if Makayla and George had more fun looking for eggs or playing on playground equipment πŸ˜€

Gosh they are so cute!! 😍

It was a great few weekends with friends and family.



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