Holiday Weekend Highlights

Happy Memorial Day everyone!! What a great day to remember all those who gave their all to ensure our freedom.

We have had a great weekend that was both fun, relaxing, and productive. Here’s a recap of all our fun.


Friday night Makayla and I took off for my parents house to spend Friday night and part of Saturday with them. We had a great time hanging out and then going to Junquefest on Saturday morning. Makayla even got her very own 4-wheeler which she loved 😍

This girl has a serious love for her papa. They are two peas in a pod.



Sunday was our productive day of the weekend. My parents came over to our house to watch Makayla while we worked. Andrew had taken one day earlier this week and then Saturday morning to get the deck ready so we could refinish and stain the deck on Sunday. So while my parents were here we restained the deck, ripped out our fence, and did some much needed maintenance around the house. 

Here is Makayla “cheersing” my mom. 

Sunday night we had a bonfire to relax. We had some friends over and began burning the fence 😀


Today was spent together. We played outside, colored, read stories. It was a great family day. To close out the holiday weekend we went to a friends house for a grill out.

It was a great weekend filled with lots of fun and memories. Now off to finish the last week of work before summer officially begins!!



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