Weekend Fun

Well summer 2016 has finally arrived and we kicked it off with a bang this weekend! 

Friday night was just Makayla and I while Andrew was racing. Her and I ran to Des Moines to return some things that I had got for her. So we stopped by my cousins house for supper and to let Makayla and her little guy play before coming back home. Those two were hilarious! All sorts of running around and yelling. The best part was when we were leaving and they hugged and kissed goodbye 😍. 

                       So adorable 

Saturday we had a 1st birthday party to attend. So we headed out early so we could play at the park first. It was a giant hit. And of course in true Makayla fashion she went after the tallest slide first. She loved it and just get saying “more” as she ran back around to do it again. 

After naptime we did our target run and went to my staff cookout. I forgot to take pictures (whomp whomp) but it was filled with lots of fun, laughing, and good food. 

It was a great summer weekend now I’m off to have some fun with my girl!!


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