We’re having…


If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you already know the news. But yes you read that right we are having twins!

So back at the end of June I started not feeling well. Like in a constant state of being hungover sick only I hadn’t drank. So Andrew told me to take a test to make myself feel better. Well 4 positive tests (😳) later I finally decided that yes I really was pregnant.

Then started the fun….

I have been sooo sick! I couldn’t decide if I was really sick or it just seemed worse since I now also have a toddler at home. I knew I had to get to 10 weeks when we would go to the doctor and I could get some medicine to help. Well that appointment did not go as planned.

We went (I was sick the whole way there!). The doctor came in, immediately brought us medicine and then we got started. When she got to the ultrasound immediately two babies popped up on the screen and I knew everything was about to change. Now I blame Andrew since from day one he kept saying we’re having twins but ha! If that’s how it really works.

Anyway we are crazy excited and everyone is healthy and doing great. We will try to keep everyone updated on our progress as we continue through this new adventure in life 😀


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